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U.S. is planning to limit the influence of Chinese A.I. supercomputing companies

The reasons for which money makes people so anxious

BygeorgeskefApr 1, 20234 min read

We asked experts for tips on managing stress as tax day approaches. It is tempting to procrastinate: The Internal Revenue Service project that it will be receiving extensions requests from more than 20 million people this fiscal year. Perhaps we wait because it takes 13 hours for the forms to be filled out. Perhaps tax time forces us into a topic that we are often reluctant to discuss: finances. According to an American Psychological…

Tesla drops its prices in China

Tesla drops its prices in China

BygeorgeskefOct 25, 20223 min read

Investors worried about rising competition caused shares to plummet. Tesla cut Monday’s prices in China for its cars, an indication of increasing competition in the largest market for automobiles in…

Twitter deal with Elon Musk

Twitter tries to call employees as a deal with Elon Musk

BygeorgeskefOct 25, 20225 min read

The $44 billion deal Mr. Musk made to purchase Twitter is expected to close by Oct. 28. This is a way for the company to reassure employees about their jobs…

Judge grants Elon Musk's request to delay his trial with Twitter

Judge grants Elon Musk’s request to delay his trial with Twitter

BygeorgeskefOct 25, 20227 min read

Delaware judge gave Musk until October 28th to close the deal. Although the trial was scheduled to begin in less than a week it could still take place in November.…

Twitter deal with Elon Musk

Elon Musk suggests that Twitter be bought at its original price

BygeorgeskefOct 25, 20227 min read

After trying to cancel a $44 million deal to buy the company, the billionaire made a surprise move. The drama and scale of the months-long battle to get Twitter bought…