Brach’s Candy Corn: Surging Sales, Controversial Fame, and a Fan Club

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By georgeskef

  • Brach’s candy corn sales have been steadily increasing since 2020.
  • The company pulled in an estimated $75 million in candy corn sales in 2022.
  • Despite being a polarizing treat, the controversy surrounding candy corn actually acts as free marketing.
  • Candy corn is a Halloween icon and is used as decoration and inspiration for other treats and products.
  • Brach’s discontinued their Thanksgiving flavors but continues to experiment with new variations of candy corn.
  • Brach’s has introduced a fan club where 100 members can receive free products year-round.

Brach’s, known for producing approximately 90% of the world’s supply of candy corn, is seeing its sales soar. Despite being a polarizing treat that has drawn both love and hate from consumers, Brach’s candy corn has been defying expectations and increasing in popularity over recent years.

Last year, Ferrara Candy Co., the owner of Brach’s, reported that candy corn sales had seen a year-over-year increase since 2020. While the exact sales figures are not disclosed, it is estimated that Brach’s pulled in around $75 million in candy corn sales in 2022. This is quite impressive considering candy corn’s divisive reputation.

One might wonder how candy corn, a treat that openly despised by many, can maintain its success. The answer lies in the controversy itself, which has become a form of free marketing for the brand. Personalities such as Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his brother Jason, have made headlines simply by discussing their differing opinions on candy corn. This kind of buzz keeps the candy in the public eye and contributes to its continued popularity.

Furthermore, candy corn has become a Halloween icon in its own right. It is not only consumed as a standalone treat but is also used to decorate other Halloween-themed treats. Its distinct tri-color pattern is instantly recognizable and has been incorporated into various products, from artisanal crafts sold on Etsy to collaborations with popular brands like Nike and Vans. Candy corn has become associated not only with Halloween but with the holiday season as well.

While Brach’s discontinued their Thanksgiving flavors, they continue to innovate and experiment with new variations of candy corn. Katie Duffy, vice president and general manager of Ferrara’s seasonal candy, has stated that the spirit of experimentation lives on “in a delicious way.” This year, Brach’s is introducing a fan club where 100 lucky members will receive free candy corn products year-round. The idea is to enjoy candy corn not only during Halloween but also during other occasions like Valentine’s Day or even as a poolside snack in the summer.

In conclusion, despite being a polarizing treat, Brach’s candy corn has found immense success in recent years. The controversy surrounding candy corn acts as free marketing, and its status as a Halloween icon keeps it in high demand. Brach’s continues to innovate and excite candy corn enthusiasts with new variations and even offers a fan club for dedicated fans. Love it or hate it, candy corn is here to stay.