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mens style

Upcoming Trends in Men’s Fashion

BygeorgeskefDec 29, 20214 min read

There have been a few years of major changes in the fashion industry. The Corona pandemic saw many switch to stay-at-home garments as we suddenly started working from home. It also meant that many fashion players changed their collections to adapt to the new conditions. As we move into a new year, what does the situation look like?  Predicting men’s fashion trends for 2022 is not easy. It has become…

air traveling during the pandemic

Before Omicron, airlines were experiencing a rebound in travel.

BygeorgeskefDec 17, 20213 min read

Since February 2020, airlines have been steadily recovering. Sunday was the busiest day for travel at U.S. airports in months. However, the discovery of the Omicron Coronavirus variant could threaten to derail the…

Corona Virus

What we know about the new Coronavirus Variant

BygeorgeskefDec 17, 202112 min read

Omicron was discovered in just weeks and has proven to be more transmissible than any other variants. What is the Omicron version? The Omicron variant was first identified in Botswana…

Omicron corona virous

Omicron threatens adults who are not vaccinated

BygeorgeskefDec 17, 20215 min read

Tucker Carlson could manage it. It could also be done by Laura Ingraham or Mark Levin, as well as Donald Trump. One of these conservatives could explain on air that the…

Starbucks Workers Unionize

Starbucks Workers Just Unionized.

BygeorgeskefDec 10, 20218 min read

Starbucks laborers in Buffalo let free yells of euphoria on Thursday in the wake of winning a hard-battled political race to frame the principal association in a corporate-possessed Starbucks store…