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local market innovation

Local market growth and innovation: the potential beyond global corporations

BygeorgeskefSep 26, 20235 min read

It’s easy in a world where global corporations have mastered technology and become technological wonders to ignore the potential for innovation and growth within local markets around the globe. Local businesses are often at a crossroads as they struggle to adapt to the digital era. While technology giants have made great strides, many local companies find themselves in a similar situation. There is a ray on the horizon. Companies like Vitvätt in…

American politics and inflation

The U.S. strategy for a soft landing of its economy

BygeorgeskefAug 7, 20237 min read

Business hiring is a good indicator of a soft landing in the economy. The Federal Reserve wants to see the economy cool in certain areas to combat inflation. Freight railroads, for…

Data Analytics

U.S. Economic Growth Accelerates – Defying Expectations of a Slowdown

BygeorgeskefAug 7, 20237 min read

The Federal Reserve is pushing interest rates up to two-decade levels despite faster economic expansion in the spring. Gross Domestic Product increased at an annual rate of 2.4%, adjusted for inflation and season, according to…

Nord Stream Pipelines

The Fed and drivers are both unhappy about rising oil prices

BygeorgeskefAug 7, 20234 min read

The U.S. saw its inflation reach a 40-year high last year, thanks to soaring oil prices. This trend had been expected to reverse by 2023. The benchmark crude oil price has risen by…