Market growth in ecological coffee

Market growth in ecological coffee

BygeorgeskefJan 6, 20227 min read

Conventional coffee vs ecological coffee The market for conventional and ecological coffees is growing rapidly, with the latter being preferred…

Nord Stream Pipelines

The Broken Nord Stream Pipelines Was A Deliberate Plan

BygeorgeskefOct 25, 20228 min read

Leakage of the Nord Stream below the Baltic Sea raised fears about shortages due to Russia’s clash and demonstrated how…

Judge grants Elon Musk's request to delay his trial with Twitter

Judge grants Elon Musk’s request to delay his trial with Twitter

BygeorgeskefOct 25, 20227 min read

Delaware judge gave Musk until October 28th to close the deal. Although the trial was scheduled to begin in less…

apple security

A Change by Apple Is Tormenting Internet Companies, Especially Meta

BygeorgeskefFeb 5, 20228 min read

The stock price of Meta plummeted when the company announced that Apple’s privacy features could cost the company billions of…

Data Analytics

Is ti worth investing in international bonds during 2022

BygeorgeskefApr 11, 20228 min read

Bond markets are in turmoil with the lowest performance in years. International bonds could help your portfolio get through the volatility.…

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