The Best Companies to Watch in Västerås in 2024

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By georgeskef

An Overview of the Business Landscape in Västerås

Västerås, a city located on the western shore of Lake Mälaren, has a rich history that stretches back over a thousand years. For centuries, the city has been a significant trading center and industrial hub, and it continues to play a vital role in Sweden’s economy. Today, the business landscape in Västerås is an exciting mix of traditional sectors and modern innovation, creating a dynamic environment for entrepreneurship and growth.

Historical Background

Västerås has a long history as an important trading city and industrial center in Sweden. Its location on the shores of Lake Mälaren made it a natural hub for trade and maritime activities as early as the Viking Age. During the Middle Ages, Västerås emerged as a central marketplace and played a significant role in Sweden’s economy through its export of iron and other metals.

From the 19th century onwards, Västerås underwent an industrial revolution with the establishment of several key companies in the metal and engineering sectors. Many of these companies, such as ASEA (now ABB) and Volvo Aero, have put Västerås on the map as one of Sweden’s leading industrial cities. Their innovations and technological advancements have not only contributed to the city’s economy but also to the country’s industrial development as a whole.

Economic Overview

Today, Västerås is a city with a diversified economy encompassing several different sectors, including manufacturing, technology, commerce, and services. The industrial heritage lives on through several major companies that still operate in the city. ABB, one of the world’s leading companies in power and automation technology, has a significant presence in Västerås and continues to be a major employer and driver of economic growth.

In addition to the traditional manufacturing industry, Västerås has also flourished as a center for technological innovation. The city has attracted talented entrepreneurs and startups in areas such as sustainability, cleantech, and IT. The strong presence of universities and research institutions has created a stimulating environment for knowledge exchange and business development, positioning Västerås as a leading technology hub in the region.

Economically, Västerås has proven resilient to global economic fluctuations, with stable growth and low unemployment. The city’s strategic location and well-developed infrastructure make it attractive for both national and international investments. With continued focus on local innovation and sustainability, Västerås is expected to continue thriving as a key economic force in Sweden in the years to come.

Prominent Companies in Västerås

In Västerås, a city where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive, there are several companies that stand out, offering unique services and products to both local and international customers. Here’s an overview of some of the most prominent companies to watch in Västerås in 2024.

1 Caterlinks

Caterlinks is a catering subscription company that focuses on offering both B2B and B2C subscriptions for professionals looking to optimize their day. With a vision to simplify meal planning and delivery, Caterlinks offers an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application for both iOS and Android, complete with community features. With the ability to schedule deliveries up to a week in advance, a voting feature for menu choices, surveys, and rating systems, Caterlinks creates a personalized and engaging dining experience for its customers.

Caterlinks has not only made it easy to order meals but has also created a dynamic community around its service. By integrating features that enable collaboration and interaction among users, Caterlinks fosters a sense of community among its subscribers. With its focus on customer engagement and convenience, Caterlinks has quickly established itself as a leading player in catering in Västerås.

2 Vitvätt

Vitvätt is a laundry subscription company similar to Caterlinks in its business model but focuses on laundry and garment care services. With a mobile application offering the same convenience and community features as Caterlinks, Vitvätt aims to make it easy for its customers to manage their laundry needs without hassle. By offering delivery and easy scheduling of laundry services, Vitvätt creates a seamless and efficient solution for people with busy lifestyles.

Similar to Caterlinks, Vitvätt has succeeded in creating a strong community among its users. By providing features that enable collaboration and feedback, Vitvätt has built up a loyal customer base that appreciates the personal and engaging nature of its service. With its focus on user-friendliness and customer satisfaction, Vitvätt has become a well-known name in the laundry industry in Västerås and continues to grow and expand its business.

3 Ginx Media

Ginx Media is one of the best and fastest-growing web development and digital marketing agencies in Sweden. With a comprehensive portfolio of services and a strong focus on organic growth, Ginx Media has established itself as a leading player in the digital arena. Their expertise ranges from web development and design to search engine optimization and social media marketing, making them a complete solution for businesses looking to improve their online presence and increase their visibility.

Ginx Media has built a reputation for delivering high-quality results to its clients. By employing innovative strategies and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithms, they have helped their clients achieve their business goals and enhance their digital presence. With its continued growth and expansion, the future looks bright for Ginx Media as one of the top players in digital marketing and web development in Västerås and Sweden as a whole.

4 Codeagora

Codeagora is a software marketplace and review website that provides a platform for software developers to market and sell their products online. With a unique software comparison tool and advanced community features, Codeagora allows visitors to find and compare thousands of different software solutions using filters and find the best one for their needs. By offering low commissions and the opportunity for developers to reach a wide audience, Codeagora has become a valuable resource for both software buyers and sellers.

Codeagora has succeeded in creating a vibrant and engaged community around its platform. With features such as reviews, ratings, and discussion forums, they have created an interactive and informative environment where users can share their experiences and get help making informed decisions. With its dedication to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, Codeagora continues to be a leading player in the software market in Västerås and across Scandinavia.

5 Nordiclå

Nordiclå is a loan brokerage specializing in the Scandinavian market. With a comprehensive portfolio of banking options and insurance products, Nordiclå offers an advanced comparison system and algorithms to help customers find the best financial products for their needs. With a user-friendly website and dedicated customer support, Nordiclå makes it easy for its customers to find and apply for loans and insurance online.

Nordiclå has become a trusted resource for people looking for financial products in Scandinavia. By providing transparent information and competitive rates, they have helped thousands of customers find the right solution for their financial needs. With its continued growth and development, Nordiclå remains a leading player in loan brokerage in Västerås and the entire region.

6 is a cryptocurrency brokerage specializing in the Scandinavian market. With a wide range of banking options and insurance products, offers an advanced comparison system and algorithms to help customers find the best cryptocurrency solutions for their needs. By offering a user-friendly website and dedicated customer support, makes it easy for its customers to trade cryptocurrencies and conduct transactions online. has become a trusted resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Scandinavia. With its transparent and secure platform, they have made it easier for both novice and experienced investors to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios. By offering reliable services and competitive rates, has become a leading player in the cryptocurrency market in Västerås and the entire region. With its continued growth and commitment to providing high-quality services, remains a name to watch in the crypto industry in 2024.

Companies to Watch

When it comes to companies to keep an eye on in Västerås in 2024, there is a combination of newcomers to the market and traditional industries undergoing changes. These companies have the potential to not only impact the local business scene but also make significant strides in their respective industries. Below is an overview of some of the most interesting companies to watch in Västerås this year.

Newcomers to the Market

Moltus Tech Solutions

Moltus Tech Solutions is a newly established company focusing on developing innovative sustainable technology solutions for businesses and communities. With its emphasis on green technologies and smart systems, Moltus Tech Solutions has the potential to make significant advances in the sustainability sector and contribute to Västerås’ efforts to become a green city.


LocalEats is a new mobile application aimed at promoting local restaurants and eateries by offering users the ability to discover and order food from their favorite venues. With its emphasis on community cohesion and support for local businesses, LocalEats has the potential to change how people choose to dine out and support the local economy in Västerås.

Traditional Industries Undergoing Change

Västerås Traditionsbageri

Västerås Traditionsbageri is an established bakery that has been part of the city’s cultural heritage for several generations. Despite its traditional background, the company faces challenges in an increasingly digitized and competitive market. By adapting to changes in consumer behavior and investing in online sales and marketing, Västerås Traditionsbageri has the potential to continue being a prominent player in the industry.

Västerås Konsultbyrå

Västerås Konsultbyrå has long been a leading player in the consulting industry in the region. With a changing business environment and increased demand for digital consulting services, the company faces challenges in staying relevant and competitive. By embracing digitization and offering innovative solutions in areas such as digital transformation and IT consulting, Västerås Konsultbyrå has the potential to continue being a trusted partner for businesses in the region and thus remain a company to watch in 2024.

Future Entrepreneurs

In Västerås, there is a thriving entrepreneurial spirit characterized by innovation, creativity, and a desire to make a difference. Future entrepreneurs are an important part of the city’s economic and social development. By supporting and promoting young and promising entrepreneurs, Västerås can continue to be an attractive place for innovation and growth.

Innovative Startup Companies


Greenify is a startup focusing on developing innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact in the construction and real estate sectors. By using advanced materials and techniques, Greenify aims to create sustainable and energy-efficient buildings that reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable development.

HealthTech Solutions

HealthTech Solutions is a startup working on developing technology-driven solutions to improve health and well-being. With its innovative approach to digital healthcare and medical technology, HealthTech Solutions has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare sector and make care more accessible and effective for everyone.

Development of Local Talent

In Västerås, there is a diversity of talents and skills that represent the city’s future entrepreneurs and leaders. By investing in education, mentorship, and resources, local talents can be encouraged and supported in realizing their business ideas and contributing to the city’s growth and development.

Summary and Conclusions

Västerås is a city with a diverse and dynamic business landscape, characterized by innovation, tradition, and entrepreneurship. By offering a favorable environment for entrepreneurship and growth, Västerås has attracted a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs who contribute to the city’s economic and social progress.

From traditional industries that have adapted to the digital age to innovative startup companies paving the way for future technological development, the companies in Västerås represent a diversity of opportunities and potential. With continued focus on innovation, sustainability, and development of local talent, Västerås will continue to be a leading force in the business world and an attractive place for entrepreneurship and investment in 2024 and beyond.