Porirua Residents Fed Up with Noisy Street Subculture during Rugby World Cup Final

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By georgeskef

  • Residents in the New Zealand town of Porirua are complaining about the “siren battles” that have been happening for the last year.
  • Siren battles are a subculture in New Zealand where people install sirens and loudspeakers on their cars or bikes and compete to play the clearest music.
  • Céline Dion’s songs are popular choices for siren battles because they have high treble and little bass, making them able to be turned up without getting distorted.
  • The battles used to end by 10pm, but now they are lasting through the night, leading to an increase in complaints to the city council.
  • Some credit the start of nightly siren battles to fans who played music during last year’s Rugby League World Cup.
  • As New Zealand plays South Africa in this year’s World Cup final, there may be even more siren battles and loud music happening in Porirua.

Residents in the New Zealand town of Porirua are increasingly frustrated with the ongoing “siren battles” that have been disrupting their peace and sanity for the past year. Siren battles have become a rising subculture in the country, where individuals modify their vehicles by attaching sirens and loudspeakers to compete in playing the clearest and loudest music. Remarkably, the songs of pop diva Céline Dion have become a preferred choice due to their high treble and minimal bass, allowing them to be amplified without losing clarity. Reggae music is also a popular selection for these battles.

However, what was once an occasional evening occurrence has now transformed into a nightly disturbance that extends well into the early hours of the morning. The Porirua city council has been inundated with a staggering 106 complaints related to these siren battles between October 2022 and March 2023. Residents are growing increasingly weary of the incessant noise and are imploring their local government to take action.

Interestingly, some trace the surge in nightly siren battles to fans who have developed a penchant for blasting their favorite tunes during last year’s Rugby League World Cup. It is speculated that this event sparked the trend, acting as a catalyst for the growth of siren battles within the community. Coincidentally, today marks an important day in New Zealand’s rugby history, as they face South Africa in this year’s World Cup final, with the chance to become the first-ever four-time Rugby World Cup winner. This momentous occasion may further fuel the already intense siren battles, resulting in an escalation of high-pitched antics throughout Porirua.

In conclusion, the incessant “siren battles” in Porirua have transformed from a quirky subculture activity into a relentless nuisance for the town’s residents. With complaints piling up, it is clear that immediate action needs to be taken to address this issue. Whether it is through stricter regulations or community initiatives, finding a resolution will be crucial in restoring tranquility to Porirua’s streets. As New Zealand gears up for the Rugby World Cup final, the town braces itself for a symphony of car-mounted sirens and blaring tunes that may make their peace even harder to find.