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There have been a few years of major changes in the fashion industry. The Corona pandemic saw many switch to stay-at-home garments as we suddenly started working from home. It also meant that many fashion players changed their collections to adapt to the new conditions. As we move into a new year, what does the situation look like? 

Predicting men’s fashion trends for 2022 is not easy. It has become increasingly difficult to share style tips for men in a world where conditions are changing so quickly. A few months ago, it still looked like it would be a return to a normal party season. That hope was quickly dashed when the new coronavirus variant Omicron began to spread across the world. Now many countries have cancelled their New Year celebrations. However, there are high hopes that this virus variant is milder and that in 2022 we can once again return to a more normal way of life. 

Here are our picks for the hottest trends in men’s fashion in 2022. 

Stay-at-home fashion is still popular

The fact that many people continue to work from home cannot be ignored, even if we were to control the spread of different variants of viruses. As a result, comfortable garments such as hoodies, bathrobes and slippers have seen a surge in sales.

It’s an area of men’s fashion where we’re seeing continued growth. The number of workplaces moving to fully remote working will continue to increase.

Our buying behaviour has changed

We have also seen a change in our buying behaviour over the last few years. As more and more people shop online, we as customers have also become more demanding. There has been increased competition among online fashion players, which means they have to find new ways to stand out from the competition.

Already in 2021, we have seen many online fashion sites investing in Live Shopping and other types of Shoppertainment as a way to attract new customers. This is a trend that will become increasingly important in 2022. We want to be offered entertainment while we shop and are increasingly demanding of the service offered. Now we want to be able to get the right size and style of clothes even when we shop online – without the risk of having to return the garments. New technology now makes it possible to try on garments virtually.

Greater interest in quality and craftsmanship

A big trend in fashion is sustainability. A greater interest in environmental issues is one of the driving factors behind this development. We are increasingly focusing on quality and craftsmanship when shopping for clothes. Particularly in menswear, we are also seeing an increased interest in the craftsmanship behind individual garments. Men are spending more and more time researching manufacturing methods and want to know more about the history behind different brands. This is another trend that will remain strong in 2022. The wear-and-tear culture that we have had in the fashion industry for decades is on the decline.

In conclusion – can we go back to the way things used to be?

There is little evidence that we will ever return to the way things were before the coronavirus hit. However, it is important to have some time perspective. At the same time as we have changed our shopping habits to become more digital, we are also seeing a greater interest in the traditional and classic in the fashion industry. 

In times of crisis, it is normal for us as humans to return to times when we thought everything seemed less complicated. In other words, we become nostalgic and draw inspiration from previous decades. This is also evident in the fashion industry and especially in menswear.

There is now a great interest in classic men’s fashion and the styles of the 1930s and a few decades ahead. This is also evident in the collections released by many of the major fashion houses for the coming seasons.

In other words, the fashion industry is undergoing many changes and it has never been more difficult to predict the future. But at the same time, it’s a welcome development in an industry that was long too predictable. 

Here, we’ve picked out the key menswear trends for the coming year. As you can see, it’s harder than ever to predict, but at the same time, that’s what makes it so interesting. There are a huge number of alternative scenarios for the coming seasons!

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